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For pilots flying solo or in congested, high-traffic environments, the Auxiliary Heading Selector System (AHSS) adds a heading selector to the pedestal, providing an ideal ergonomic solution to relieve pilot workload and provide added satety through redundancy in the event of a glare shield selector (heading bug) failure.

How does it work? The Auxiliary Heading Selector System utilizes a Collins Heading Selector (FGP-3000) identical to the unit in the glare shield and locates it in the pedestal. Keeping the pilot's arm lowered while controlling the heading of the aircraft in high-workload environments and avoiding unnecessary fatigue and discomfort. Additionally, the System includes a switch on the glare shield, giving pilots the option to toggle between the glare shield heading bug or the pedestal-located heading bug. The AHSS is easy to install and can be conveniently done in conjunction with a regular inspection.



  • Allows pilots to keep 1 arm lowered to reduce fatigue when handling frequent headin


  • A redundant heading selector is provided to the pedestal to add a redundant backup in the event of a glare shield failure


  • Extended life of original heading selector by allowing pilot to toggle between 2 heading selectors

Compatible Aircraft

  • King Air 200

  • King Air 350

  • King Air 250

  • King Air 360

  • King Air 260

  • Compatible with all Raisbeck Performance Systems

  • King Air 300

* Compatible King Airs must be equipped with Collins Pro Line 21 or Pro Line Fusion

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