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Whisper Prop for King Air Series

David Breton

Oct 22, 2020

High Performance. Low Noise Propeller.

Make every flight a great flight with the Whisper Prop® propeller system and AMK Aviation Inc.

Whisper Prop is a five-blade, small diameter, carbon fiber propeller with a natural composite core for superior noise dampening. Developed in conjunction with *MT-Propeller, the BLR Aerospace Whisper Prop incorporates advanced computer design to deliver an ultra-lightweight result with infinite blade life.

Installing Whisper Prop on your King Air will enhance performance and send cabin comfort soaring with unprecedented levels of quiet and a smooth, low-vibration flying experience. A smaller diameter equates to greater ground clearance, reduced vacuum effect, and less resulting FOD.

Designed for superior protection against damage, the Whisper Prop features a hard nickel leading edge. In the unusual event that the blade is damage, you can be confided that the Whisper Prop has the easiest in-field repair, decreasing expensive aircraft downtime.


  • 30 - 50% reduction in noise and vibration

  • Smaller 83" diamter with a natural composite core

*Based on King Air 90 Model 


  • King Air 90 Series

  • King Air 200 Series

  • King Air 300 Series

*MT-Propeller is the industry leader in design and production of high performance and noise reducing propeller systems with more than 18,000 systems flying worldwide and over 60,000 blades in service. 

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