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Winglets for King Air's

David Breton

May 27, 2020

Performance and Style

Winglet Systems from BLR Aerospace are a solid, stylish addition that will distinguish your King Air in the hangar, on the ramp and everywhere you fly.

Carbon fiber Winglet and aluminum wing tip increase wing aspect ration to reduce induced drag and fuel consumption up to 5 percent or more. Benefits include:

  • Reduced time to climb and fuel burn

  • Improved short field performance

  • Extended range

  • Improved OEI climb

  • Improved handling

  • Increased hull value

  • Improved high altitude performance

  • Modernized appearance


  • Up to 33% reduction in runway length

  • Up to 50% increased climb gradient at sea level

Winglet systems available for: King Air 90, 200 & 300 Series.

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