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Cruise faster or reduce fuel flows - the choice is yours. Designed for the Cessna Caravan 208B equipped with a cargo pod, Raisbeck's EPIC Caravan drag reduction system is engineered to reduce drag in all phases of flight, resulting in lower operational costs and increased cruise speeds while adding flexibility to your operation. EPIC Caravan offers operators the choice of faster cruise speeds or reduced fuel flows and lower IT Ts. As a bonus, reduced fuel flows result in lower emissions, making operations more environmentally friendly.

A Report from the Field: Tom Dafoe, former Sales Director for jetAVIVA and Cessna Caravan aficionado, flew Raisbeck's EPIC Caravan System and provided an analysis of its benefits in his video blog. View it here.



  • Eliminates trapping of airflow behind nose gear and front of leading edge of cargo pod

  • Modern look and feel

  • ~15° C reduction in ITT at 175 ktas fixed speed


  • Eliminated de-icing boot resulting in lower maintenance costs and less downtime

  • ~2.6 gal/hr reduced fuel flow at 175 ktas


  • Improved climb and cruise performance 

  • Enhanced pilot control and handling qualities

  • Improved directional stability and ride comfort

  • Additional 4-5 ktas of airspeed at fixed power setting/fuel flow


  • Forward Cargo Pod Fairing constructed of lightweight composite material

  • Dual Aft Body Strakes manufactured with all metal construction

Compatible Aircraft

  • Cessna Caravan 208B equipped with cargo pod

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